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Aesthetics brackets

The latest version of the self-ligating brackets is the aesthetic version. An appliance made of transparent ceramic that exceeds the expectations of beauty and functionality that makes it go almost unnoticed.

As with the self-ligating metal bracket system, the brackets are attached to the arch by means of clips that allow freedom of movement within the arch.
The rubber bands are replaced by a clip-shaped piece located in the centre of the bracket, so that the arch is held in place by the bracket.

Advantages of Damon brackets:

  • The friction between the arch and the brackets is minimal.
  • It causes fewer sores and friction.
  • Approximately 3 to 4 months less treatment than with conventional braces.
  • Fewer clinic visits.
  • Hygiene is better when not wearing the rubber bands that accumulate plaque.
  • The smile is wider.
  • Damon Clear brackets are also slightly smaller than metal ones.