The absence of a dental piece has repercussions on an aesthetic and functional level. A beautiful smile has a positive impact on our appearance and self-esteem, which will affect our personal and professional relationships.

A dental implant is an artificial root, which will support a crown of pure titanium that we place by surgery in the maxilla under the gum. They are located in the place where the original dental roots should be. Integrated with the bone, they support prostheses or crowns and are the definitive solution to recover the aesthetics and functionality of your mouth. They are also placed by a simple surgical procedure that does not cause pain.


Undoubtedly, in the absence of a single dental piece, the replacement of such by an implant and crown is the best option, since it is not necessary to damage the adjacent teeth in order to replace a single piece.


When several teeth are missing not all of the missing teeth have to be rehabilitated with the same number of dental implants.

Oral rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation is a comprehensive treatment achieved through the use of fixed or removable dentures. If you are missing several pieces there are different rehabilitation treatment options depending on the location of the absences.

Pledge  SOL 1 DAY is how we call the process of rehabilitating your smile

in less than 24 hr*, thanks to our CAD-CAM system.

*Subject to prescription