Dental aesthetics is the specialty responsible of providing harmony and beauty to the smile. Having a beauty smile is something that concern patients more and more. Get the perfect smile is now possible thanks to our last technologies. The most demanded treatments are dental veneers and whitening for wich we use the best technology.

DSD Digital SOLrisas Design

DSD is aesthetics treatment planning system that allow us to design the ideal smile even before starting the treatment.

After a digital record taking based on videos and photographs, a facial and dental analysis of the patient is performed. Lips, gums and facial morphology are examined in a software that allows to design changing shapes or sizes what would be suitable teeth. Once the digital design is finished, an aesthetic test is carried out in which we place the design in the mouth. 

All this is done without the need to alter the patient’s teeth yet. This step allows a new aesthetic experience in the person, who will see for the first time with his new smile.

At this point the patient can accept or modify the design proposal. And once it is defined, work is done to carry out the final work and putting the final model into the mouth. We adapt the concept of DSD with the intention of helping the patient to understand the rehabilitation process. Seeing all the steps and verifying in a real way the final result without having started the treatment. Clinically, this planning tool helps us to improve aesthetic planning and design, improving the aesthetic and functional problems that the patient presents and explaining about possible solutions.

In addition, it encourages the communication of the team involved, making communication between them easier. This also happens with the patient, letting him have a voice  in the design process and allowing him to see his smile project before finalizing.

Check the process on our Youtube channel.


Achieving a perfect smile is now easier thanks to the latest teeth whitening techniques, making it  possible to achieve fast and spectacular results.

We bet on the Philips ZOOM system. It is a simple process for which we have the most modern and innovative equipment in the market. The Philips ZOOM lamp offers the best results in a single session. It is safe and effective for teeth and gums and helps a tone down in a 45-minute session. It offers adjustable intensities so that it can be customized to eliminate sensitivity and maximize comfort.

Aesthetic veneers

Dental veneers are a aesthetic treatment to recover your smile. They consist of thin sheets of porcelain that are adhered to the surface of the tooth, using a special resin, to achieve the desired color and shape.

Aesthetic veneers are made to measure for each patient. In this way, they can solve defects that affect the smile, such as fractures, wears, separations, stains, discolorations or irregularities. Its thickness is between 0,8 to 1,5mm. In addition, they improve the resistance of the teeth, because it protects their surface from damage, and has a hardness similar to the enamel of the natural tooth.

The cosmetic veneer application process is usually quite quick; it takes approximately three sessions.

In the first visit our team will assess the denture based on what the patient wants to achieve and we will develop the most appropriate treatment plan.

In the second visit, we will proceed to lightly grind the teeth to make them symmetrical and then digital measurements will be taken to make your design.

Finally, in the third visit, the veneers are cemented. This is the manual fixing of the sheets.

Our specialists in Dental Aesthetics, will be in charge of recovering your smile. In addition, with the DSD smile planning system, you will be able to plan your ideal smile and see the final results before starting treatment.