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II SOLidaria Grant NGOs

The winner, ASTEA, the Association of Relatives of People Affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

With their family Respiro project, they have been able to provide support and free time to the families of those affected.

In return, recreational, artistic and sports activities are offered to users of the Workshop that improve the personal autonomy and cognitive skills of children.

Total beneficiaries: 35 families.


For the first time we are involved in the health and well-being of the people around us and we launched a grant to promote sports in the region.

The result, a great acceptance of the associations and groups related to the sports world in the area and as winners TAFAD – IUNDENIA.

With the aim of educating young people in physical activity and non-regulated sports, a project to promote healthy lifestyles is presented, which is a festival of traditional games.

I SOL Personas Grant

Bringing dental health to people who have the difficulties accessing to it is another of our premises.

This Grant counts with the collaboration of the Area of ​​Welfare and Social Affairs from the City Council, and allowed access to various oral rehabilitation treatments for people around us.

Total beneficiaries: 4 citizens of Huercal-Overa.