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I SOLidaria Grant NGO´s

For the first time, all the associations of Huércal Overa and the surrounding area were invited to participate in this project, which consisted in the donation of € 3,000 to carry out a SOLidario project.

On this occasion, the prize was awarded to the Occupational Center Virgen del Río de FAAM, which allocated the amount of the grant to the completion of a Book Binding Workshop for users of the Center.

The aim of the workshop is to favor the development of the basic skills of the users for a future labour insertion.

A project that fits with the values ​​of Social Responsibility of the Clinic in terms of commitment, responsibility and development with society.

SOLrisas Orthodontics grant

This project consists of performing 5 Orthodontic treatments for young people studying from 1st of ESO to 2nd year of Bachillerato, whose socio-economic situation did not allow them to access an orthodontic treatment and who stood out either because of their academic record or because of their involvement in the coexistence in the classrooms. The institutes that have participated have been IES Cura Valera de Huércal Overa, IES Martín García Ramos and IES Cardinal Cisneros de Albox, IES Mar Serena de Pulpí.

Hygiene and Dental Health Workshops

Children: We have carried out another year of awareness activities for children. With this we intend that our children know how to perform a proper brushing and learn the importance of their oral health. In addition, approaching the children from the dentist, offering them a friendly and fun treatment, we try to avoid future fears that the dreaded odontophobia can generate.

Elderly: This year in particular we have developed this Hygiene Workshop for caregivers and relatives of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Our professional and social commitment leads us to combine our profession, our dedication to the elderly, providing the necessary knowledge and techniques to help care for the oral health of Alzheimer’s patients that is neglected in favor of other types of care and the memory failures caused by this disease.

SOLIDARY Brush tree

Our methacrylate tree fills another year of used brushes. This year the winning association was the Association Against Cancer.