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We are using Dental Scan System that allows us to export .stl models to our top notch 3D printers. We can obtain a phisical model of any mouth structure and reach precise diagnosis.

For professionals

Dentists all over the world know that digital dentistry is the future of the industry. What´s more, in ten years time, metal and resin based 3d technologies will become the main production method for every dental solution.

At Clinica Sol, we always try to be aware of the latest technologies and adapt them to our daily work. Our intention is to shorten treatment periods and, of course, improve on the results.

That’s why we have opened this section in our web where we will be uploading accessory models we are currently using in our clinic that have showed high efficacy already. Here colleagues from other clinics will be able to download these models to use with their own patients, always under prescription and supervision of a doctor.

Please address any question or commentary to shernandez@clinicadentalsol.es

All downloadable files are in .STL format.

They must be printed at highest resolution possible using a bio compatible resin, material must explicitly allow sterilization with whatever system is being used at the clinic.


Adaptador VaTECH


CS Z3.5 7.8 CONVEX

CS Z3.5 6.4

CS Z3.5 6.4 CONVEX

CS Z3.5 8.2

CS Z3.5 8.2 CONVEX

CS Z3.5 7.8


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